all in one AML Platform for financial institutions

Netech – Nordest Technology is a Regtech company leader in Italy, with more than twenty years of experience in developing anti money laundering and anti terrorism software.

Our main guarantee is the confidence of our clients in the AML solutions offered by Netech. We have the confidence of many financial intermediaries with the main players in the sectors like big banks, insurance entities, securities entities, payment entities, professional firms, real estate groups, gaming operators, crypto exchange among others.

Mission, values ​​and vision

Mission - The most advanced software

We want to offer the most advanced, simple and efficient computer tools against money laundering, through their continuous development and innovation.

Values ​​- Our customers first

The focus of our business is to provide our clients with a fast, efficient and reliable assistance service. Our clients can easily fulfill all legal obligations.

Vision - Protect against any risk

Allow our clients to comply with all legal obligations, to protect from risks and to identify possible illegal activities.


Netech always aims to develop professional synergies that could lead to mutual benefits.

We are always looking for new partners to gain access to new areas and new markets.

Thanks to our alliances we can always offer the latest product updates and the most advanced technology support.

We turn our excellence into effective relationships innovation, reliability and efficiency are the values shared with which our long-term partners.


AML Consultants

Consulting company with twenty years of experience in the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing. It is our historical partner, with whom we offer complementary services and organize regular conferences on anti-money laundering topics.


AML Consultants

Leader company in anti money laundering and terrorism financing. It has been our consulting reference for Spanish market for more than fifteen years.

NTT Data

Software house

A world-class computer company collaborates with the development of Netech applications and start-up of AML storage and verification systems for common clients.


Software house

Leader in Italy and Europe in the development and production of software platforms, also in collaboration with Netech. It offers office services for financial institutions and companies with innovative 360 degree solutions.


Software house

Leader in open source intelligence OSINT to fight fraud in law enforcement agencies and the financial services industry.