Customized solutions for obliged entities

Netech – Nordest Technology is a RegTech company specialized in solutions for compliance with money laundering prevention regulations.

Our specialization and decades of experience in the sector have allowed us to have solutions for:

  • Detection of customers and suspected money laundering operations.
  • Customer risk assessment and application of due diligence measures.
  • Assessment of abnormal behavior, management of internal communications.
  • Detection of suspicious operations of terrorism, among others.


The rules for the automatic section are always known by the client, as well as the type of controls and the causes that have generated the evidence.


Most of the checks can be done at the end of the business day in order to alert the network in a timely manner.


The client's operations are always designed to favor internal investigations and possible insights by FIU.


With the ApreNet software, the most suitable controls can be selected and parameters adjusted to the needs of the intermediary can be established.

  • All
  • Know Your Customer
  • Blacklists
  • Continuous monitoring
A complete solution for customers verification by checking on Sanctions, PEPs and Adverse Media lists in real time or in batch mode.
Calculation of the client’s initial risk profile and its periodic updating according to the client’s operations.
Automatic detection of transactions with higher risk of money laundering
Our platform consolidate global Sanctions, PEPs and Adverse Media Lists