Detection of clients included in the blacklists of terrorists, PEPs, crimes or self-provided lists

Customer Onboarding and Monitoring

You can scan a prospect during the customer onboarding by checking on Sanctions, PEPs and Adverse Media lists. All data are automatically updated every day.

Screening Types

You can analyze Sanction, PEP, Adverse media and other lists. Screening and check operations can be performed with manual search, massive batch search or via web service.

Manual Web Search

Identify suspects with a simple search

BATCH scan

Scan all your data with one click

Web service call (API)

Real time CRM integration

Integrate Fastcheck into your business with API

Automated daily ongoing monitoring

You can plan the periodic control according to your customers’ risk levels with automated daily ongoing monitoring. All customer monitoring checks are performed automatically. As a result, automated daily ongoing monitoring protects your business from risks.

What can you do with Fastcheck?

Private List Management

Add and update your private blacklist easily by web interface or batch.

Customized Configuration

Configure parameters lists and output.


Easily access to the search history of all your searches.

Reduce False Positive

Reduce false positives and optimize processes.

Alphabets matching

Scan your customers with any alphabet.

Minimal workflow impact

Our processes are meant to be easy and effective while minimizing the impact on your infrastructure.

✓ Easy web interface

✓ Simple batch file

✓ Convenient API

Automatic list updating

We do the complex mapping and list fractioning for you!

✓ Access to the latest update

✓ enable or disable your interest lists

✓ configure list fractions

AWS Cloud-based service

Gain flexibility and avoid installing local software, worrying about updates, or maintaining servers.

✓ Access 24/7

✓ Automatic updates

✓ Secured


All lists in one manager.

Fastcheck is compatible with all major list providers on the market: PEPs, Sanctions, Terrorists.

Sanction Lists
Adverse media