What are the key challenges that financial institutions face when conducting sanction screening in AML?

Financial institutions face several key challenges when conducting sanction screening in AML, including:

  1. Data quality: One of the biggest challenges financial institutions face is ensuring the quality and accuracy of customer data. Sanction screening relies on accurate customer data, including names, addresses, and other identifying information. Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to false positives or false negatives, which can be costly for financial institutions.
  2. False positives: Another challenge is the high number of false positives generated by sanction screening tools. Automated screening tools can flag innocent transactions if there is a partial match between the customer name and a name on a sanctions list. Financial institutions must dedicate significant resources to reviewing and resolving false positives to ensure that legitimate transactions are not unnecessarily delayed or denied.
  3. Regulatory complexity: Sanction screening is subject to a complex web of regulations, including sanctions regimes imposed by different countries and international organizations. Financial institutions must stay up to date with these regulations and ensure that their screening processes comply with them.
  4. Volume of data: Financial institutions process vast amounts of customer data on a daily basis, which can make sanction screening a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. As transaction volumes increase, the challenge of conducting effective and efficient sanction screening becomes even greater.
  5. Evolving threats: Financial crime threats are constantly evolving, with new risks and vulnerabilities emerging all the time. Financial institutions must remain vigilant and adapt their sanction screening processes to keep up with these threats.

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